Salad with Pan seared Chicken breast and ripe mangoes


Are you bored with the same green salad that you are eating? Let’s give your salad a little twist to make it more exciting and satisfying to eat. This Salad with pan seared chicken breast and ripe fresh mangoes will surely make you want to eat more salad.


Lettuce of your choice ( I used romaine lettuce) sliced into bite size

Tomatoes sliced in thin circles

Fresh ripe mangoes cut into cubes

Cheddar cheese ( you can use feta or goat cheese)

1 medium to large Chicken breast cut into bite size

Thyme and Italian seasoning

White pepper


Green salad dressing

*If you want to make your own salad dressing you can mix apple cider vinegar with honey and some spices that you prefer such as oregano, thyme, Italian seasoning, pepper and olive oil


  • In a bowl marinade the chicken with olive oil, a pinch of salt, thyme, Italian seasoning, white pepper for at least an hour in the fridge.
  • Using your ceramic non stick pan, start searing both sides of the chicken for around 2-3 minutes in high temperature
  • In your salad bowl or plate, organize your lettuce and tomatoes, add your dressing and mix thoroughly making sure the dressing is properly contributed
  • Sprinkle it with cheese and fresh ripe mango cubes
  • Put your pan seared chicken on top
  • Enjoy your healthy and yummy salad!


We know that the greens are a source of water and fiber, Tomatoes are a good source of omega-3. Mangoes are basically your sugar for this particular salad. Cheese for calcium and your chicken for your lean protein. This salad with Pan seared Chicken breast and ripe mangoes is not only easy to prepare but also very healthy. Please don’t forget to share this to your friends and loved ones.



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