Top 5 best Pre workout meal ideas


Most people workout in the morning right after they wake up. Some people prefer to workout in the evening after work. We might workout in different times, but we should be mindful of what we take in before we workout. Your pre-workout meals however will depend on what kind of activities you do and on your health status. Always remember that to each their own. If you have any hesitations, it’s always better to ask your dietitian or physician. Here are the top 5 best pre-workout meals that you might want to try out.

  1. Oats and Banana

To add some light protein on your oats you can put some nuts, preferably almonds.  As what they say Almonds are a source of lean protein, fortified with minerals and vitamins that can help build strong and lean muscles. Banana as we all know is rich in potassium that can help you avoid cramps. So this combo is a really good idea for a pre-workout meal.


2. Hard boiled eggs and bread

Now if you are going to hit hard on your cardio during your workout, you wanna make sure that you are loaded with some carbs for extra energy. You don’t want to give up too easily on your burpees and sprinting on treadmill after a few minutes. Adding some lean protein such as hard boiled egg will be great for your growing muscles.


3. Toast with peanut butter and banana 

Here is a great combination of Carbs from the toast for energy. Protein from the peanut butter, and Banana for added potassium. You will not only have enough energy and be able to support your muscles. You will also be able to boost your potassium level as you sweat hard during your workout.

4. Yogurt and Fruits

Better if you will use Greek yogurt with less fat and fresh fruit. Apart from giving you the right energy this is very easy to prepare as well. Yogurt from the fridge and just cut some fruit slices and you’re good to go.


5. Smoothie 

Another great and easy pre-workout meal that you can have is a full pack smoothie. Could be berries and banana with spinach mixed with yogurt or non fat milk. If you mix an apple there, it will give you the same energy the coffee can bring.


Try not to starve yourself before working out. To have an awesome physical activity session, you should recharge your body with the right kind of food for the right kind of energy and great results. Choosing the right pre-workout meal is as important as putting a battery to a machine for it to work well.



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