How I use my JEJU Aloe Gel ( The Face Shop)


Yes, the Aloe Vera gel especially the Korean brands are trending right now. There are different ways on how to use it and people are raging about it in the social media. I saw a great deal from The Face Shop the other day. They have a promo of Buy 1 tub of aloe gel and get another tub for a price of one. Isn’t that amazing.? In this blog post, I will be sharing with you how I use my JEJU Aloe Gel from the face shop and also some of the most popular ways on how to use the Alove vera Gel.


I am based in a tropical country right now and so the heat can sometimes get into me. Putting on a heavy moisturizer is not the most pleasant experience, but skipping it wouldn’t be advisable as well. The way I use the Aloe vera gel is by putting a generous amount of it after I tone my skin. It was an incredible feeling since Aloe vera has cooling effects on our skin. I massage it until it is fully absorbed by my skin.


Who doesn’t like getting their tan lines when they go to the beach? But sometimes our skin get overwhelmed with the sun that it burns our skin. Good thing aloe vera gel is there to the rescue. Based on my experience, the way aloe vera gel worked on me is by cooling down my hot and burning skin. It also lessens the irritation and keeps it hydrated which will turn out to a faster healing of my burned skin.


Another trending skin care routine nowadays is face mask application. The way I use it is by spreading out an even and generous amount of JEJU aloe gel on my clean face and neck. You can use a flat clean make up brush to evenly spread it out on your skin. leave it on for about 10-15 minutes and rinse it with water. I assure you that you’ll notice how fresh and smooth your skin will feel. You can go on with your skin regimen after applying this aloe vera gel face mask.


No one likes mosquito or any kinds of bugs and insect bites. Some people gets swollen skin when bitten by mosquitoes. The aloe vera gel can help your skin to recover fast from insect bites and helps it to not make your skin swollen or red. Because of the cooling effect of the aloe vera gel, it eases itchiness as well.


You now need to worry about the stinging sensation when you apply an after shave cream. JEJU Aloe vera gel is to the rescue. You can use this as a substitute for your after shave cream. Not only it is less painful to apply, it is also very refreshing and moisturizing. What I notice is that my legs are less itchy when I apply the JEJU aloe vera gel after I shave.

These are just some of the popular ways on how to use JEJU aloe vera gel. I haven’t tried and discovered other ways on how it can be of help to our skin. What I like most about it is that I didn’t get a reaction from my skin while I was using this product. I guess because the JEJU Aloe vera gel is 99% aloe, so it is almost purely natural.


JEJU Aloe vera gel from The Face shop

***One tip though, I put the tub in my fridge so that whenever I apply it on my skin, it will be extra cooler and even more refreshing. If you know other ways on how to use the JEJU aloe gel, or any aloe gel in general, please comment down below.



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