Easy Tuna Pasta Recipe (Healthy Version)

IMG_20170312_125220-01.jpegPasta with Olive oil based is one of the easiest one to make. So I decided to use up my remaining packet of Spirali Pasta for a healthy and easy tuna pasta. If you are on the go and you want a light weight sauce and just pure fresh flavors, I suggest for you to include this on your cook book. I assure you that you don’t need to have chef like skills to make this healthy, sumptuous and Easy Tuna Pasta Recipe.


1 500 kg of Spirali Pasta (Pasta of choice)

2 Medium sized diced Red Onions

4-5 Cloves of minced Garlic

4-5 Medium sized diced fresh Tomatoes

1 Can of Tuna flakes in brine/oil

Olive oil

Salt and Pepper to tasta

Dried basil

Chopped Parsley for garnishing

Cheddar cheese

Chili flakes (optional)


  • Cook your pasta according to instructions
  • Saute Onions and Tomatoes in Olive oil until caramelised
  • Add the garlic (avoid burning)
  • Add Tuna
  • Season with Salt, Pepper and Dried basil according to taste
  • Toss your pasta
  • Add more Olive oil if necessary to avoid getting dry
  • Put some chopped Parsley
  • Put on a nice plate and add some Cheese if preferred
  • Enjoy!

This recipe is surely packed with great source of Omega-3 from Tomatoes, good fat from Olive oil and lean protein from Tuna. Make sure to use fresh ingredients as much as possible for you to get the best nutrition out of this recipe. I hope you enjoy this Easy Tuna Pasta Recipe and share this to your loved ones and Family.



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