C-Lium Fibre Review


Last month, I got some products from because I wanna try  out  and review different products that are health, fitness and wellness related. I chose to review C-Lium because I wrote about the benefits of Fiber and why we need to take it everyday. C-Lium is one of the most affordable and famous fiber supplement here in the Philippines, so I got one.

What is it made of and what are the Benefits?

C-Lium mainly consists of psyllium husk, they’re very witty to come up with their name huh? Psyllium husk is a type of laxative which helps our stool to form in bulk and makes it easier for us to go and to be constipated free. We sure don’t want to have problems when we need to go because it could be toxic to our digestive system. Psyllium husk also makes our stool softer so that we can avoid having hemorrhoids.

Helps in curbing your appetite. Psyllium helps absorb the unnecessary water in our body which will make us feeling full.

Controls Cholesterol Psyllium husk and fiber in general helps absorb bad cholesterol in our system. Aside from getting a regular exercise, it’s also nice to partner it with a good fiber supplement.

To know more about why we need Fiber in our everyday diet, I have blogged about that too, you may check it here



  • Each sachet consists of 5g in a paper like pack
  • Claims that it is 100% Natural
  • Husk is in very fine texture and easy to dilute in water/ fresh juice.
  • Once you pour it in a glass of water/juice it will make your drink thicker.


  • The husk taste is not that potent. If your palette is very sensitive to minor taste, then I suggest for you to mix it in with your favorite fresh juice drink.


Available as a drink mix or capsule. The oral sachet can be bought in singles or by box.


Since I have just started using it, the only thing that I noticed is that I definitely can go really smoothly. I like eating spicy foods and sometimes I forget to drink loads of water and I over eat dairy food. All of these habits will lead me to constipation. Taking in 1 sachet a day is a big help to ease constipation. I will just continue taking this to see if it will also help me manage my weight, and to flush out cholesterol.

If you are looking for an additional fiber supplement for your daily needs, make sure to try out C-Lium Fibre, available in your local drugstore and supermarket.



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