Why do we need to use Sunscreen?

Wearing sunscreen is a must especially if you know that you’ll be exposed in the sun for quite a while. Yes it’s sexy and cute to show off your tan lines, and having a natural looking blush on. But it ain’t cute to show early signs of aging or worst is to have skin cancer. In order to prevent the skin problems mentioned we need to consider wearing sunscreen whenever we go out. Here are the reasons why we need to use sunscreen.


– Some people consider sunscreen as the fountain of youth. Just imagine the dried fruits, aren’t they supposed to be all dried up in the sun before they get so wrinkly? That’s exactly what will happen in your skin when you’re too exposed in the sun. We all need to go out of our house, and we can’t always hide from the sun. Chances are that we are going to be exposed to both UVA and UVB. Both can be the cause of photoaging and wrinkles. That why we should always make sure to use sunscreen if we want to sustain our youthful glow.


– Let’s admit it, experiencing sunburn is such a hassle. I know someone who even got blisters because of too much sunburn. That’s not only a big hassle because you can’t move comfortably, you feel like your skin is burning hot and it doesn’t really look nice once it starts peeling. So if you don’t want to be sunburn, using sunscreen is the key!


– This could be a nightmare to anybody. We sure don’t want to develop chances of us having skin cancer just because we were too lazy to put protection on our skin. Sure there are a lot of other reasons on why a person would have skin cancer, but protecting your skin with sunscreen will not hurt. It’s better late than never.

The higher the SPF of the sunscreen the better. We don’t want partial protection, but we want to make sure that the UVB/ UVA rays will not be able to penetrate and hurt your skin. This is something we should be serious about. If you want to sustain a younger looking skin, start using sunscreen before you enjoy the outdoors.pexels-photo.jpgpexels-photo


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