Belo Sun Expert Tinted Sunscreen Review


Since I have recently posted about why do we need to use Sunscreen in my previous blog post, I will be reviewing one of the sunscreen products that I am testing out from which is the Belo Sunexpert Tinted Sunscreen. Summer is fast approaching in the Philippines, and for sure we are all excited to go and explore the beach. But we don’t want to jeopardize your moments while you’re flaunting your summer bod on your bikini and ending up with a damaged skin. So It’s great to have your skin protected especially on your face, and the bonus part here is that the Belo sunexpert is tinted, perfect for when you want to wear your make-up while you’re soaking in the heat of the sun.


– I like the color combination of Gold and yellow for the tube packaging of the Belo Sunexpert tinted sunscreen. It looks very elegant and has a summer vibe to it. I like how narrow is the nozzle. You know that you won’t make a big mess once you put some on your fingertips. The lid/cap is also well secured. It is not just a tap off lid. You know that you can put it on your pouch even if you’re travelling without getting worried that it might spill or the cap/lid might accidentally open.



– I was fortunate because I was able to get this for free from But the prize of Belo Sunexpert Tinted Sunscreen in leading department stores and drug store is around 449.75 (50 ml). I think it’s worth the prize. It’s always better to invest for your skin’s protection, rather than spend money once your skin gets damage.


– It doesn’t smell like the usual sunscreen that we know. Belo Sunexpert Tinted Sunscreen has a very mild scent, almost nothing actually. Some sunscreens scent makes me dizzy, because of it’s strong scent that is almost close to a mosquito repellent.


– It has SPF 50 PA ++++ which can absolutely protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

– It can also be a substitute to your face primer or make up base, since it is tinted it evens out your skin color. Almost like a thin concealer. It will not cover up all your blemishes, but it does help in hiding your impurities.

– This product claimed that it is Paraben free, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Which means this will let your skin breathe even and will not cause your acne. Safe for your sensitive skin.

– It can easily be absorbed by your skin. Non-greasy and tolerable for people with oily skin. It glides easily on your face and dries up fast too. It doesn’t dry your face and keeps it moisturized.

– It’s TINTED! if you’ve been using the usual white sunscreen that we know of, I’m pretty much sure you experienced looking like a white zombie or it feels like you’re wearing a clown face primer right?  This is perfect for an Asian skin tone as it balances your complexion, like as if you are not wearing a sunscreen at all.


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Belo products are one of the reliable ones that are affordable in the market. I’m so glad they came up with a tinted sunscreen. Apart from the fact that I don’t need to worry about the strong scent of sunscreen, I don’t need to put the same sunscreen for my body anymore because this is especially made for the face. If you are looking for a perfect sun protection for your skin this summer, grab a Belo Sunexpert perfecting shield tinted sunscreen now at your nearest store. I’m sure you won’t regret it.



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