Top 5 Workout Motivation Tips

Are you the kind of person who needs to spend time searching on their Pinterest and Instagram just to search for motivational quotes and pictures of fit and lean personalities? Do you need to watch YouTube videos for extra motivation before you work out? Let me tell you something, you’re not alone. It is really not easy for some people to just put on their workout clothes, start moving and grind til they crush. But, it’s also not impossible for you to consider working out as a part of your daily life. Yes, it takes a lot of discipline, motivation, practice and patience, but it’s not impossible.

Here are the 5 tips to keep you motivated to work out

  1. Make sure you are happy with the activities that you choose
  • Be it going to the gym, yoga, zumba, circuit training, or running. No matter how trendy your physical activity is, if you’re not happy and enjoying it, you will easily lose motivation. You have to do it because you care about your body and wellness not because you think it’s cool. Remember, not every physical activity suits your personality and body.

5 Motivational tips to workout

  1. Be patient
  • You can’t start doing Insanity exercises level 5 if you can’t do 100 jumping jacks without you complaining and feeling like you’re falling apart. Start with low impact workout. Slowly but surely. Everybody starts with simple exercises.  Avoid comparing yourself to the fitness models that you see in media. It’s a good motivation to workout, but each one of us is different in our own unique ways.

5 motivational tips to workout

  1. Monitor your progress
  • For you to keep your motivation up and running, you need to give credit to yourself whenever you reached an achievement. Be it small or big, the most important thing is that you have progressed, and you are not stagnant. If you were only able to run on the treadmill for 20 minutes the previous week and you were able to run 30 minutes today, then that is already an achievement.  Stop being too hard on yourself. One day, you’ll watch yourself running on the treadmill for an hour and ready to do other cardio exercise. You’ll be more motivated to push yourself more, since you’ve discovered and realized your capacities and potential.


  1. Prepare your workout clothes ahead of time
  • Just like how we prepare our clothes before we go to work or before we go to a special occasion, you should be able to choose your workout clothes at least a night before. This way, you’ll be more motivated to workout because you know you can’t waste your effort in prepping your clothes. The better if you will invest in workout clothes that you fancy, so you will be motivated and excited to wear them when you workout the next day.


  1. Find a workout buddy
  • Moral support is very important if you are in your weight loss journey or if you want to be committed to attain a healthy lifestyle. If you have a workout buddy the motivation should’t just come from the other person but from you as well. You should be a source of motivation too. If you are trying to motivate the other person, chances are your brain will tell you to be a good example to your workout buddy.  Try to set goals with your buddy/buddies. Isn’t nice when you celebrate your progress with someone else or more so if you have a support group? I am pretty sure you will be more motivated to workout.

5 motivational tips to workout

At the end of the day, nobody will benefit from these things but yourself. Indeed, it’s hard to get motivated to workout especially if it’s not in your nature. But, when will you decide and commit in becoming healthy and fit? I’m sure prevention is always better that cure. I hope after reading this, you will be more motivated to workout and maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.


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