Human Heart Nature Balancing Facial Wash and Toner (oil control) Review

IMG_20170217_182941-01.jpegLast week, I posted a picture on my Instagram telling you that I will give you a review of the Human Heart Nature Balancing Facial Wash and Toner. I was so excited when I discovered that there is a Human Heart Nature store 2 blocks away from my place. So I grabbed one the products that I believe I needed, which is their Oil Control products. What I like about Human Heart Nature is that it’s locally made, organic and natural, Eco-friendly and most of all, affordable! Yes, I think even students can buy their products. I started reading other blogs and watching other youtube reviews about Human Heart Nature products, and I never once heard nor read anything negative about it. So, since I am on trying to shift to natural and organic products no, I think Human Heart Nature products must be on the list of companies.

Now, let’s look at the very first products that I bought from them. These are the Human Heart Nature Balancing Facial Wash and Toner. I availed the 50ml  facial wash and 200ml Face Toner.


– The facial wash is on a transparent plastic bottle container with a lid/cap that you can just lift whenever you want to use it. I think for this size this style is perfect, especially if you’re gonna bring it when you travel. It doesn’t spill even if you put it on your bag.

– The face toner is also in a plastic bottle container with a lid/cap that you just lift, which I think is convenient compared to other plastic bottles where you need to remove the whole cap before you can pour the product on a cotton.


– The name Human Heart Nature says it all. Both products actually smells so fresh, just like the combination of lemon and some greens. So relaxing! It doesn’t have any strong scent of chemical at all. You’ll know that these products are safe for sensitive skin. Perfect!


– For the Human heart nature balancing facial wash, it’s definitely not a cream wash, it’s  water based which is perfect because we don’t really need more creams for a very oily face like mine. It’s a transparent facial wash with bead like elements which is what they call the Luffa cylindrica (sponge loofah) very effective to scrub off that grease on your face, leaving your skin squeaky clean feel and fresh looking.

– The Human heart nature balancing face toner is a clear water based toner as well. It absolutely remove the dirt that was not removed while you were washing your face. Prepping your skin for the moisturizer that you’ll put on after. It leaves your skin shine-free without ruining it’s balance hydration.


HUMAN HEART NATURE FACIAL WASH: 50 ml is 79.75 and 200 ml is 199.75

HUMAN HEART NATURE BALANCING FACE TONER: 100 ml is 99.75 and 200 ml is 184.75

Super affordable right?


– These products are both water based that claims to have 100% no harmful chemicals included.

– The ingredient that they both have is the “ELEMI”. It is an herb that can be found in the Philippines and other Asian countries. It is said to cure some illnesses and some skin issues as well. Elemi has a strong Lemon scent, which is very vibrant when you smell these two products.

– As an animal lover, I love the fact that it is not tested in animals. Cruelty free!

– They are PARABENS and PHTALATES free! Yes, you’re skin will be so delighted to have these.



I have only been using it for a week (2x a day) If there’s 1 thing I would like to commend, these products did not cause any breakouts on my skin at all! As for the oiliness of my skin, I think it might take a while before it effects on my skin, since I need to consider a lot of factors like my hormones, diet, activities and other products that I use. But When I wake up it the morning, my skin’s oiliness was lessen a little bit. So I will be using this continually to actually see the results. But, I really like it, because it’s mild, natural and very safe to use. Try it to see for yourself!



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