Why should you consider getting a Massage?


Deadlines we need to meet, handling difficult people, commuting, strained body from working out and back to back meetings at work. We start to feel the pressure on our shoulders, headache, up tight muscles.  Sounds familiar to you? Then maybe you should consider getting a massage. People like me who I would say addicted to deep tissue massages always run to the spa and get my 75 minutes massage fix whenever I encounter situations mentioned above.

Now, all of us have different preferences and some might not be that comfy unwrapping themselves to strangers or might not be comfy to be touched. But if you’re body and mind is in so much stress and you’re experiencing discomfort, uptight shoulders and when you look in the mirror you look 5-10 years older, you’re body is yelling for a massage. These are some of the reasons why you should consider getting a massage.

  1. It eases the pain in our body


  • When a part of our body is experiencing some pain, the initial thing we do is to rub or massage it. If we’re able to touch the proper areas the right way, it can give us some relief. Your masseuse knows exactly where the trigger points are in our body. It improves your blood circulation. Therefore, it lessens the tension on your muscle and gradually makes you feel better.


  1. It makes your skin look younger
  • As mentioned above, massage is a huge help for blood circulation. In facial treatments, facial massage is always included because it gives continuous movement of oxygen in our system and it helps to release collagen. This leads to our skin looking rejuvenated, radiant and glowing. Some people nap during the massage session because they’re just so relaxed. We all know that naps can also make our skin look younger. I am quite surprised at times when I look in the mirror after the massage.

3. It helps cure Insomnia

  • Because we are so busy hustling during the day, our mind just won’t shut down easily. We tend to think too much which hinders us to get a good night sleep. A good glide of massage and the power of touch release serotonin which affects our sleep function. A genuine touch can give comfort to people and it could give your brain to just collapse and go to sleep. Just try to look at those babies who needs to be cuddled or babies who to feel a warm touch before they can go to sleep.

These factors are just some of the reasons why you should start considering to get a massage.  If you’re hesitant whether massage is for you or not, you can always ask your physician especially if you have serious injuries. We should never allow ourselves to be a slave of stress. Let’s remind ourselves of out right to pamper ourselves from time to time.






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