Prosource Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Review


I am a big fan of anything organic, natural and affordable products that I can use as a home remedy for anything. A friend of mine suggested to use extra virgin coconut oil to whiten my teeth. She mentioned her friend who swish extra virgin coconut oil to whiten their teeth and it’s really effective! But then again, coconut is a tree of life and of course there are a lot more benefits when you start using this product. I used it for my dog’s dried skin around the nose and also for their flaky skin at times, due to the temperature  guess. (it’s recommended by the vet) I use it for whenever I feel that my palm is getting extra rough especially if my skin is changing due to that time of the month.I’m pretty sure there are tons of other benefits that you can get out of this product, it’s nice to have it on your pantry just in case you need it or if you are like me who wanted to whiten my teeth. I will be making another post regarding “oil pulling” using the extra virgin coconut oil.

When I went to Robinson’s supermarket the available brand that they have is the PROSOURCE EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL, and it has a free roll on calming oil at that time, if i’m not mistaken, it’s a promotional sale. So anything that is free is a win win!

The Coconut oil is in a plastic bottle (250ml). it’s indicated that the process of making it is cold pressed. When you open the cap, its has the most freshest scent of coconut. I love coconut scent by the way. It is an original product of the Philippines. You just store it in a room temperature because it will become solid or a bit cloudy if you’ll put it in a low temperature or in the fridge.Since it’s oil, of course, expect that it will be greasy when you try to put it in yourself or anywhere else, but I must say that the oil pulling technique is so nice,  my mouth feels so clean after. Whenever I apply it on dry areas of my skin such as my feet, it really makes it moisturized and the good thing is, it’s natural! The free roll on calming oil is meant for headaches, insect bites other muscle pain. I tried rolling it on my temples when I experienced some headache, it gives me a cool sensation like minty, although I can’t really tell whether it can heal headache or not. But one thing is for sure, it is really relaxing. If you’re a fan of anything menthol-ish and natural, I can recommend this. Overall, I did not regret buying these products, it’s actually my second bottle right now, and I am looking forward for the next one.

I hope this review about the Prosource extra virgin coconut oil is helpful for you. Don’t forget to share this to your friends and family.


2 thoughts on “Prosource Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Review

    • Hi! Thank you for dropping by this blog. If you have an oily skin, VCO is not that advisable to use on the skin, but if you will use it for dry skin, you can definitely use it. If you see symptoms of allergy, better stop it.


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