Benefits of Lemon Water

As I continue with my journey to becoming healthy, I have been searching and experimenting natural ways to keep my health on track. I have suffered Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) several times, until I went to my doctor and found out that I have kidney stones. Although it is not a severe one,  the doctor still suggested that I should start changing my lifestyle and go for natural remedies. Don’t get me wrong she still prescribed some medicines but, she emphasized on “changing my lifestyle”. I have been searching for ways to naturally flush kidney stones and one of the commonly used process is by drinking lemon water/juice. But little did I know that lemon water/juice has tons of benefits in our body. Now, drinking lemon water especially if it’s warm lemon water in the morning has been a routine. It eases the pain in my kidney area, relaxes me and it gives me a lot more benefits. I suggest for you to consider start drinking lemon water as well.


  1. Good for your Kidneys

Lemon is acidic and it is citrus. There are different kinds of kidney stones and one of them is calcium oxalate. One good way of breaking calcium stones is to dissolve it with acid. For people who doesn’t have kidney stones but wanted to prevent one, drinking lemon water is also a good way for you to flush unnecessary toxins in your kidneys. As what they say, prevention is better than cure.

  1. Aids Digestion

Drinking a glass or 2 of warm Lemon water in the morning would actually help your digestive system to work accordingly during the day. What I’ve noticed, every time I drink Lemon water or ACV first thing in the morning, I am not having problems with my bowel.

  1. Full of Anti-oxidants

For those of you who are really conscious about having good skin, put lemon water on your list of things to do because it is actually rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin C. We all know that these nutrients can help our skin look glowing and healthier. If you have oily or acne-prone skin problem, this is perfect for you because it has anti-bacterial properties which can cleanse your skin. Some people use concentrated lemon juice or lemon extract diffused in rose water or filtered water as their toner. Don’t forget to put moisturizer after because this might dry your skin.

  1. Good for your Immune System

Since lemon is rich in Vitamin C and has anti-bacterial properties, we can drink this to fight common diseases such as colds/cough. If you happen to feel like you’re going to be sick or if you’re starting to have sore throat, make sure to drink warm lemon water in the morning and bring with you your tumbler with your water with lemon infused. This way, you can flush out the bacteria in your body and could prevent it from getting worse.


Before you try this technique, don’t forget to ask your physician first. Although it has good benefits, we all have different types of body and system. But as for me, this technique has helped me in many ways.




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